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My Organizing Diary

My Organizing Diary

  Finally , I have fished organized my shoes. I have spent whole weekends to organized my shoes, but the result was not bad. These shoe boxes are the best. They are sturdy, stacking and clear.

  I bought both black and white color of these shoe boxes. The black one I use for store my collections (shoes), the white one I use it as drawer which can moving: )

  The reasons why I use black to store my shoes are black and decoration style are more compatible and cooler ; my husband is a black lover. I arranged shoe boxes according to the height of the ceiling of my cloakroom room. It looks pretty good ,i really like it.

  The white one I have been using them for all my teas and coffees, and I have quite a few. At first I was planning to make a built in drawers to keep my teas and coffees but decided to use these instead. By the way , I was surprised that these boxes are perfect size, easily accessible, and I can see what’s inside yet. Also, they keep everything dust free.

  These boxes can be used at different places.They are great for school projects display, figure display , i can image so many uses. I am planning to buy more in these days , I want few more to organize my purses and books.

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