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Closet Storage

Closet Storage

  I invited a professional organizer to come to my house to help organize the closet last weekend. She gave me a lot of useful suggestions and helped me organize the logic of the closet. I think it’s particularly useful and I want to share with you guys .

  The principal of closet organize is arrange your stuffs from hats to shoes, the most convenient place to put the most commonly used things. For example, well organized closet is from the hat - tops - pants- underwear - accessories.

  Also, Set aside a place to store the clothes wear during the change of season when it is not cold or hot is very important! The reason is The change in temperature during the change of seasons is unpredictable, if all the clothes of a season at once, the hot and cold days will be very embarrassing, whether to take out the packed clothes again is also a headache!

  In addition, except the round neck T-shirt, all the collar clothes should be hung on hanging (the first button of clothes must be buttoned) The skirt should be hung too. The logical order is the length - color, first distinguish the length, and then hang in accordance with the approximate color, light color outside dark color inside, so you can know more clearly the condition of all their clothes.

  More than that ,the stackable plastic storage basket is a perfect way to keep all your hats, clothes and accessories. It is very easy to install and you can find your clothes easily.

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