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Centipede Girl Shoe Storage Problem

Centipede Girl Shoe Storage Problem

  Have you heard of Centipede Girl? Do you know what it means? We cannot have as many feet as centipede , but we can have so many pairs of shoes.
  Hanging out for shopping is girl's nature. When you see clothes or shoes that you like, you can't help but buy them. Unfortunately, you can’t wear more than one pair of shoes on your feet at the same time.Then where to store the shoes becoming a problem. How should you put them so that they don’t take up too much space? Also, how to find the shoes I want to wear easily and quickly is also a problem too.
  In order to solve the storage problem of “centipede girls”, I read a lot of blogs and articles about storage and organizing methods. I found out stackable storage shoe boxes will be a perfect solution to solve these problems.
  The shoe storage box can save lots of spaces !
  There are many magical uses of storage boxes. It makes easy for users to identify the contents of the box at a glance. Also, the clear shoe storage box is designed for a specific height inside the closet, and it can also be neatly stacked and stored without wasting any space. In addition, you can store boots and sandals that need to be "seasoned" under the bed or some small places.
  Also, you can buy stickers or LED lights to make your shoe boxes differently. Especially at night, the LED lights with the transparent acrylic shoe box, looks so awesome!
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